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Yana Zafiro (ES)

Straight to the heart

She is a Murcia-based Ukrainian, that is to say, neither from here nor there. She describes her thing as lo-fi bedroom pop, a label that has fooled us many times but that suits her down to the ground. Is there anything else you should know about Yana Zafiro? Well, she is only 21 years old, her lyrics ooze irony from all sides, one day she is mournful and the other naïf, and that her darkish pop can just as easily stab you in the back as it can reach your heart. All of this with an aura of the next big thing in Spain and the nerve of somebody who has always done what she wanted. Basically she’s got it all.

Mi perro se va a a morir (Mont Ventoux / Gran Sol, 2019)