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Squid (UK)

Where the Wild Things Are

“What do you sound like?” they asked Squid in a rather silly questionnaire in the NME. Like the “Coronation Street theme tune played on flutes by angry children,” they answered. Ask a silly question, get a crazy answer. This Brighton band behave in all contexts (rehearsal space, studio, stage, promotion meetings...) as if they were playing in an arty children’s play centre; as if they were performing scenes from the theatre of the absurd. Maybe that is why their singles remind us of Pere Ubu. Or maybe it is because their drummer-singer Ollie Judge can just as easily sing you a song by Neu! as he can sing Last Christmas by Wham!, swallowing or adding syllables, raising it to a scream or taking it down to a whisper; all unmistakable symptoms of somebody with an urgent need to communicate.

Houseplants (Practise Music, 2019)