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Sleaford Mods (UK)

Uncool Britannia

Expectation vs. reality. How much disillusionment the previous generations of  fans of British music would have saved themselves if they had had Sleaford Mods by their side. With their rants and their rhythms cooked up between lukewarm pint and lukewarm pint, Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn paint a much more accurate picture of England than any other band that has used the#Jack as their emblem. Welcome, then, to the musical equivalent of the miserable climate, the greasy food, lousy carpet, the shoddy buildings and the everyday tedium of work, with five records under their belt and not one concession to good humour. Seeing the duo spitting (literally and metaphorically) in a location as loved by their compatriots as Benidorm is will almost be like seeing them play at home.

Eaton Alive (Extreme Eating Records, 2019)