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Pinpilinpussies (ES)

Pussy power

In the press release of their first EP as Pinpilinpussies, Ane and Raquel say that they don’t really know what they are doing. That they only want to make music. One is Basque and the other Catalan, so hold on, because they are two of a kind. They are up for absolutely everything; in their grrrl power mission anything goes: “Lo-fi stuff, like Moldy Peaches. Bikini Kill but more laid-back. A bit of Courtney Barnett. Garage pop with a post-punk attitude.  Songs to pogo to with a ballad or two”. And we can confirm that this is what they sound like:  raw, direct and natural, as if they had been around forever although they have just arrived… and aim to stay, of course.

80/D (Producciones Polyklin, 2019)