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Mura Masa (UK)

Invite me to your place

There are few places that are as comfortable as Mura Masa’s songs, those pieces of pop from the future. It is normal that the figures of tomorrow feel at ease there: from Nao to slowthai, from A$AP Rocky to Charli XCX, from Damon Albarn to Christine and the Queens. You are probably looking for shelter in such a calm spot, attuning your heart beat to the rhythm of his marimbas and steel drums, to let yourself be caressed by his hip hop beat or to relax to his tropical house base. Yes, ok, all of us want to get old in Alex Crossan’s cosy house. Paradoxically, this prodigal boy from Guernsey will still be young when his umpteenth electronic hit becomes a classic.

Complicated (Polydor Records, 2019)