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John Talabot (ES)

The limits of time

John Talabot plays with time as he wants. The seven years that have passed since his first album, ƒin, seem like an eternity, that’s true, but they have allowed us to delve into it like never before. At his sessions, for example, we would like to stay forever and we would never know what tempo we were in: is this house, disco, techno? Does it matter?  ere even the beats per minute are relative. And that is why, even after having seen him tons of times at those memorable Primavera Sound closings or at his traditional Christmas sessions at Nitsa in Barcelona, we know that we are going to come out of his session at the Magic Robin Hood resort wishing that it would start all over again, like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.

Voices (Permanent Vacation, 2016)