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Cigarettes After Sex (US)

Come with me, I want to be alone

It is annoying to admit, but that Coaching 101 motto going around that says that “happiness is better when it is shared” is true. In fact it can be extrapolated to everything. Even loneliness is better when shared. What an oxymoron, right? But it is true: it is so good being totally miserable and having the company of the whisper of Greg Gonzalez and his Cigarettes After Sex to feel really lonely. To have him sing in undertones that “nothing’s gonna hurt you, baby” and, deep down, you want it to happen again to go back to his beautiful tissue-songs. While the wheels, life, love, and music by Cigarettes After Sex, keep on turning. Aren’t all these words synonyms after all?

Cigarettes After Sex (Partisan Records, 2017)