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Charly Bliss (US)

It is not what it seems: it is better

Be careful, look closer: that rose that Charly Bliss is handing us with a smile has incredibly sharp thorns. These New Yorkers are not exactly what they seem. Or, at least they are not only what they seem to be. You mean a wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing sort of thing? Yeah, that’s it:  turbulent emo rock in new wave glittery clothing. Don’t be fooled by the soft voice of Eva Hendricks, in a way a direct descendent of Debbie Harry: the (still short) discography of Charly Bliss hides sentences that are as psychotic as “I laughed when your dog died. It’s cruel, but it’s true”. In the end we pricked our fingers and we even enjoyed it a little.

Young Enough (Barsuk, 2019)