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Forget about the idol bands with a fan base involving forty-something single clerks with relationship issues. Get the image of Harajuku’s impossible looks out of your head. Erase from your mind the meaning of ‘kawaii’, the expression that in Japan serves to describe a puppy, a school girl in uniform or a Hello Kitty bag, because the quartet from Nagoya is about to dynamite it all. Good news: we are all cute. Their debut Pink put them at the unusual intersection between J-Pop and Tom Tom Club’s postpunk and the Brazilians CSS – and got them signed to Heavenly Recordings in the United Kingdom and by Burger Records in the USA. They are still there with Punk, an infusion –its name makes a reference to tea– to accompany the Yukari Fresh and Kero Kero Bonito flavoured mochi.

Punk (Heavenly Recordings, 2019)