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Carolina Durante (ES)

The miracle

Legend has it that, in the middle of the explosion of the Spanish urban scene, the most euphoric song of 2018 had four guitar chords, real bass and drums, and lyrics that instead of talking about shady deals mocked the misfortunes of the Madrid jet set, Ciudadanos voters and Taburete fans. The legend goes on to say that Carolina Durante decided not to include either this anthem nor their acclaimed collaboration with Amaia, Perdona (Ahora Sí Que Sí), in their first eponymous album that was released at the beginning of 2019. If that isn’t self-confidence, then we don’t know what is. The moral? Los Punsetes and Triángulo de Amor Bizarro don’t feel so lonely anymore, and Los Planetas can already see their generational successors.The classical melodies, viral lyrics and tons of attitude. The miracle.

Carolina Durante (Sonido Muchacho/Universal, 2019)