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Belle and Sebastian (UK)

Dance like it’s 1999

It was 1999 and, with only three years of career, Belle and Sebastian had already released the small masterpieces of intimate chamber pop that would mark the end of the decade, amongst them their debut Tigermilk and the vital If You're Feeling Sinister (both released in 1996). Organising a festival curated by the Scottish band in a holiday resort on the south coast of England was such as good idea that it inspired two revivals, one in 2010 and the other on a cruise boat this summer, as well as all the All Tomorrow’s Parties festivals. Following in its wake comes this Weekender, now in the Benidorm sun that they would have loved to have at their weekends. And the Belles of Glasgow, 20 years wiser, had to be there.

How to Solve Our Human Problems (Matador, 2018)